Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Real Winners and Losers in the Debates

A lot of mention has been made of late as to who is benefitting the most from their debate performances, and who is damaged irreparably. Amidst the entertainment of the fiasco that has been the debate cycle, in both parties, there are unseen winners and losers.   The Loser: US Foreign Policy   Despite the […]

Saying “No” to Syrian Refugees: Conservatism or Xenophobia?

As of today, 31 governors in the United States oppose sheltering Syrian refugees. All but one them are Republican governors. Based on this alone, it seems as though conservatives in general are opposed to helping other human beings who are in need. The rationale behind this opposition appears logical at first glance. By preventing Syrian refugees from entering […]

GOP Debate Grades: Cruz and Rubio Shine, Jeb! Treads Water, and Rand Finds His Voice

Tuesday’s Fox Business Republican Debate was quite the breath of fresh air. After the monstrous travesty that was the CNBC debate two weeks ago, both of Tuesday’s debates were substantive, interesting, and policy-specific. Without further ado, here are my rankings of each candidate: Main Debate Donald Trump: C. According to some some national polls, Donald […]